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Rodall Oseguera

About us

Asesores en Comercio Exterior Rodall Oseguera, SC. Is a foreign trade service company, with great experience and a passion for customer service.

Among the first customs agencies of the port of Veracruz.

The great industrial and commercial development of our country was an important factor for the creation of Asesores en Comercio Exterior Rodall Oseguera, S.C .; its founders begin in 1988 with the formation of the interior customs of Córdoba, Ver.



June, 25th

Renewal of ISO 9001-2015 and NMX-R-026-2016.


June, 27th

Renewal of ISO 9001-2015 and NMX-R-026-2016.


September, 10th

Obtaining transition certification ISO 9001: 2008 to ISO 9001: 2015.

September, 24th

Automatic renewal in the registration in the scheme of Certification of Companies in the modality of Certified Commercial Partner, heading Customs Broker. Legal 110-06-02-00-00-2018-08598.


March, 7th

Obtaining the transition of the NMX-R-026-SCFI certification: 2016.


June, 28th

Certificación ISO 9001:2008.

August, 11th

Renewal of the Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) certificate registration F_IAR_44523-R1.

November, 23th

Obtaining the Veracruz Badge to Competitiveness.


August, 28th

NEEC certification, official 110-02-02-00-00-2015-9074.


January, 22th

More information Mission & Vision Values Quality politics Why choose us? Social responsability
Mission Offer solutions in Foreign Trade through compliance with the Quality Standards and Continuous Improvement in our processes, achieving the satisfaction of our customers.
Vision Consolidate as a Leading Company in Foreign Trade and Logistics solutions in the National and International market.
• Vocation of Service.
• Commitment.
• Honesty and Loyalty.
• Teamwork.
• Professional Ethics.
• Process improvement.
• Culture of learning, development and innovation.
Quality politics
Our commitment is to participate actively in the innovation and evolution of our service in Foreign Trade and Customs logistics, sustained through continuous improvement and the strengthening of the security of our processes, in order to achieve the total satisfaction of our clients and the reduction of risks within the logistics chain.

Why work with us?
• Certified Company.
• Foreign Trade Tools.
  • E-clients: Check the status of your operations, account statements and digital file.
  • E-previews: Check the information, photos and videos of your previews in real time.
• Foreign Trade Solutions: (Marketer, Distribution, Warehouses, Transportation, Labeling, Export Promotion Programs, Insurance and other services).
• E-billing: Know the costs and expenses incurred in your operations within 48 hours after the end of the customs operation.
• Certified Tariff Classifiers.
• Traceability of your shipments.
• Daily chronology of its operations.
• Legal Department.
• Customs clearance maximum 3 days.
• Rodall guarantee in operation.
Social responsability
In Rodall Oseguera we establish as main standards in their organizational culture, ethics, morals, and everything that refers to values.

A company is really better when, in addition to achieving its business objectives, it brings benefits to its employees, its suppliers, the families of its workers, its environment, the environment.

The associations we help are: Altia, Little Brothers, Amigos de Josu Foundation.

Donación Grupo Altía 2021